13th July 2021 | 14:00 hrs London

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Sample fee: $250 each

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Guatemala is recognized as a high-quality origin country

The dedication and experience of producers who grow these coffees under shade, the manual picking of coffee fruit at the exact point of maturation, microclimates and different types of soils in the mountainous and volcanic areas and volcanic areas, combines to produce the best coffee of the world, the coffee of Guatemala.

Currently, one of the coffee consumption trends is aimed at those unique nano and micro lots of coffee, which have differential processes in their development. Responding to these trends in international markets and with the aim of promoting the work of producers to continue harvesting quality coffee and position Guatemala as an innovative country of origin, Anacafé invites you to participate in the first edition of the coffee auction One of a Kind Guatemala.

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Auction times in your region

13th July 2021 | 14:00 hrs London

  • 06:00 am - Los Angeles
  • 09:00 am - New York
  • 14:00 pm - London
  • 16:00 pm - Riyadh
  • 21:00 pm - Shanghai
  • 22:00 pm - Tokyo
  • 22:00 pm - Seoul
  • 23:00 pm - Sydney

This auction will have coffees with scores 86+

We will have lots of traditional varieties such as Bourbon, Caturra, Catuaí and others, in different processes like Honey, Washed and Natural.

Opening price Will start at $6.00/lb

Process of the Competition

  • Reception and codifications of samples

    5th to 9th of April 2021

  • National Classification

    12th to 16th of April 2021

  • Entering the coffee lots to anacafe's storage

    19th to 23rd of April 2021

  • International Classification

    8th to 24th of May 2021

  • Award of winners lots

    28th May 2021

  • Coffee auction

    13th July 2021

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