About the competition

Who is behind this auction?

The National Coffee Association -Anacafé- is a private autonomous institution of public service, that has its own patrimony and private fund and was founded by the Coffee Law in 1960. Its main objective is to strengthen the national economy through the production of coffee.

If our coffee does well, Guatemala does well

This year we seek to increase the coverage and quality of the Association services. By increasing the profitability of the coffee producers we seek to impact positively the integral rural development of Guatemala.

This auction wants to motivate coffee growers and implement innovative processes such as controlled fermentation, double washing, the use of yeasts, natural and honey, among others.

We want to promote traditional coffee varieties which is the greatest coverage that we have in the country (85%)

We invite our clients to offer a price that recognizes the effort of the coffee growers. The lots in this auction demonstrate the need for innovation and new processes. We were impressed to discover new coffees that had not participated in other auctions.

With the results of this competition, we can ensure that we have the best coffee in the world!

Juan Luis Barrios

President of Anacafé


Summary of the Competition

In this first edition of the "One of a Kind Guatemala" coffee auction we received 208 samples of which the 40 best scores were selected by 8 national tasting experts to participate in the international round.

The international round was held by 20 jurors in different cupping labs located in the USA, Canada, Norway, Grece, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Australia.

Today we celebrate the 27 coffees that obtained a scoring higher than 86 points.

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