Lot 12: La Senda - Typica - Natural

La Senda farm is located in the heart of the El Socorro village in Acatenango, which boarders Mount Balán Juyú, that in Kaqchikel language means “Cerro del Jaguar” (Jaguar’s mountain).

We are a family farm with coffee plantations dating back to the 1930’s. For many years, we, Arnoldo Pérez and Maria Eugenia Escobar, have had the privilege of working together with several local families of the Village, throughout the coffee production chain.

As 2017 passed, in family consensus, we decided to share with the world the exquisite properties of our coffee, which motivated us to build a small mil that would meet environmental requirements, in order to process Specialty Coffee.

Since the firts year, our focus has been on quality, with innovative processes, but strictly controlled in terms of temperatura, PH, organoleptic and microbial properties. We have also systematically improved our practices, including learnings from the agri-food industry (for example, higiene protocols) and the wine industry (for example, temperatura-controlled fermentation processes and the use of yeasts). Therefore, we manage to exalt in each variety its best attributes of aroma, flavor and complexity.

The achievements that we have been able to make, commit us to continue working as a team, harvest after harvest, on the path of continuous improvement, with the aim and philosofy of “giving smiles” to the consumers of our coffee.

Lot Description

Reference Number:12
Opening Bid:$6.00/lb
Weight:390.21 lbs
Producer Cupping Notes:Natural

Coffee details


Natural anaerobic, fermented with champagne yeast

Farm details

Producer Name: Jose Arnoldo Pérez Meléndez
Farm Name: La Senda
Region: Chimaltenango
Farm Size: 27.0 ha

Other info

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