Lot 15: Parcelamiento Santiagos - Catuaí - Natural

Lot Description

Reference Number:15
Opening Bid:$6.00/lb
Weight:165.35 lbs
Producer Cupping Notes:Natural

Coffee details


Organic coffee, drying process in direct sun in African beds.

Farm details

Producer Name: Oscar Leonel Girón López
Farm Name: Parcelamiento Santiagos
Region: Sololá
Farm Size: 1.8 ha
Farm Elevation: 1890 meters above sea level

Producer Story:

Finca Santiago´s is located in Tzutujil Mayan land in the municipality that is located on the shores of Lake Atitlán and between the three Volcanoes, these are: San Pedro, Tolimán and Santiago, from Santiago Atitlan, Sololá, Impregnan en la piel of its visitors when tasting what for some are sacred grains and for other grains of gold, and not precisely because of their color, but because of the history with a roots of many years that it contains in its aroma. Aroma that adheres and accompanies us the whole day, and that comes from our grandparents who introduced the planting of coffee in this region, always preserving the fertility of these lands that give it flavor. Flavor that saturates our papillae and brings together the most intimate smells and flavors collected from a land with altitudes ranging between 1600 and 1900 meters above sea level, a deliciously cool climate that provides us with quality organic coffee production.

Our farm has mainly coffee production, always with a sustainable management of the crop, prioritizing the conservation of native tree species, as well as increasing them, through tree planting programs interspersed with shade trees. This strength currently allows us to work with a production system that is more respectful of nature, which makes the application of Permaculture alternatives viable, which are economically feasible, ecologically friendly and socially fair with our environment and our Lake.

Our Mission is to cultivate, produce and commercialize organic coffee of excellent quality, to contribute to the environment and social development in order to meet the demand of those consumers who want to obtain an organic product with better characteristics for their health.

Likewise our Vision. Position ourselves as a farm that highlights the advantages of organic coffee, expand our coverage and enter new markets; generating future growth and improvement both for our clients as well as for our workers.

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