Lot 18: Bella Elizabeth - Bourbon - Washed

Lot Description

Reference Number:18
Opening Bid:$6.00/lb
Weight:298.92 lbs
Producer Cupping Notes:Lavado

Coffee details


The coffee was pulped and left to ferment. When it reached the appropriate time, it was washed and left immersed in water for 18 hours, then washed again.

Farm details

Producer Name: Erwin Humberto Argueta
Farm Name: Bella Elizabeth
Region: Huehuetenango
Farm Size: 7.86 ha
Farm Elevation: 4500 - 5500 feet above sea level

Producer Story:

The farm was acquired by Don Florencio Modesto Argueta Villatoro on March 23, 1954, from the municipality of San Pedro Necta, Huehuetenango, his first plantations were of varieties such as typica, bourbon and Maragogipe. they were planted with distances of 2mts between mata and 2 meters between streets, when Don Modesto passed away in 1978, the second generation of the family took charge of managing the Argueta farm, Don Álvaro Rene, Erwin Modesto and Magnolia Argueta Figueroa; When the farm was divided in 2000, Erwin Modesto Argueta Figueroa decided to incorporate new varieties of coffee by sowing, caturra, catuai and pache verde; When Erwin Modesto passed away in 2004, the farm passed into the hands of his son and third generation of coffee growers Erwin Humberto Argueta Herrera, who gave it the name of Bella Elizabeth in honor of his daughter Ana Elízabeth.
In 2015, after many setbacks and due to the difficulty that coffee rust presented, we had the need to look for new opportunities to sell coffee with the issue of quality, a new wave of coffee came to us and we decided to participate in the competition. of regional coffees promoted by Anacafé, obtaining the 4th place.
Taking into account our good participation in the Anacafé regional competition, we decided to participate in 2016 in the cup of excellence auction, in which we reached 6th. Positioning ourselves among the best coffees in Guatemala, the farm still preserves traditional varieties such as bourbon, typica and caturra.

Again in 2017 we participated in the cup of excellence, obtaining 26th place.

All this new wave of coffee has led us to implement batches of new varieties of coffee that are under development such as Villa Sarchi, Gesha, Pacamara.
For the year 2021 we have participated again in the Highland Huehue regional coffee competition obtaining the 2nd. Place.
We also participated in the first edition of the One of a Kind Guatemala competition, occupying Position 18.

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