Lot 11: El Calagual - Pache - Natural

El Chicón farm, with 154 hectares, originally dedicated to cattle since 1899 owned by the Fabián Family, who over the years began to plant coffee. Bonifacio Fabián is the 4th generation of coffee growers, who inherited part of the farm called “El Calagual”, due to the abundance of native trees with this name.

By tradition in the Eastern region, coffee is sold to intermediate buyers in ripe cherries. However, Darwin Fabián, son of Bonifacio, decided to try some process (washed, natural and honey) in previous years, as part of a thesis study in Collage. It concluded with promising results and decided to process a small comercial batch to experiment on the farm’s potential.

Currently on the farm the coffee is processed by natural method in African beds and with shade regulation while the drying lasts.

Coffee and cupping details


24-hour pre-cherry, dried on African beds under shade

Bags: 0
Weight: 167.35 lbs
Score: 86.88
Cupping notes: Natural
Varietal: Pache

Farm details

Top Performing Farm: El Calagual
Top Performing Farmer: Bonifacio Fabián Contreras
Top Performing District: Santa Rosa
Farm Size: 2.5 ha
Farm Elevation: 1550-1800 masl / 5085.30-5905.51 fasl


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