Lot 2: Mama Cata - Bourbon - Washed

Finca MAMA CATA is located in Acatenango at a height of 6,250 feet above sea level, surrounded by 2 imposing volcanoes, with wonderful soils and microclimates.

10 years ago, Max Pérez and his family started new and great challenges: producing high-quality coffee, combining the knowledge that 4 generations of coffee producers can contribute, with a gigantic passion for coffee.

With the effort and dedication of the whole family, collaborators, and God's blessing, since 2015 MAMA CATA farm produces one of the best coffees in the Acatenango Region, Guatemala and the entire world. The challenge for the future is maintain quality and become a model farm of quality and sustainability.

With all our heart we hope you enjoy this small batch of coffee that we have produced with great affection and passion. The name of the farm is in honor of Max’s mother, Candida, to whom of affection his nickname to her is "MAMA CATA".

Coffee and cupping details



Bags: 0
Weight: 384.92 lbs
Score: 87.44
Cupping notes: Lavado
Varietal: Bourbon

Farm details

Top Performing Farm: Mama Cata
Top Performing Farmer: Max Fernando Pérez
Top Performing District: Chimaltenango
Farm Size: 34.0 ha
Farm Elevation: 6,250 ft


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