Lot 21: Concepción Buena Vista y Anexos - Anacafe 14 - Natural

Coffee and cupping details


Maceration with nitrogen

Bags: 0
Weight: 242.51 lbs
Score: 86.33
Cupping notes: Natural
Varietal: Anacafe 14

Farm details


Concepcion Buena Vista is a farm that has been in our family for more than 150 years. We are 4 generations that have been working with coffee and improving not only our coffee quality, but also the life quality of all of our community at the farm. Bernardo Solano, the 3rd generation of the farm along with David and Eddy, the 4th generation, work together to create amazing coffees and adapt to new trends. This lot is from a traditional varietal Anacafé 14, but with some new processing. This coffee was macerated inside a stainless-steel tank into an Anaerobic maceration for 72 hours, controlling pressure, temperature and pH during the whole maceration time. Then, this coffee was sun dried on raised beds for 18 days until reach the ideal humidity.
David is also a well know barista in Guatemala, he is the 3 consecutive times National Barista Champion and has competed in 2018 World Barista Champion in Amsterdam and in 2019 World Barista Champion in Boston getting the 4th best espresso during 2019 WBC with coffee from Concepcion Buena Sight.

Top Performing Farm: Concepción Buena Vista y Anexos
Top Performing Farmer: Bernardo Solano Álvarez
Top Performing District: Chimaltenango
Farm Size: 110.0 ha
Farm Elevation: 5700 feet above sea level


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